Why Free Time And Financial Success Are Slipping Through Your Fingers When You Invest In Real Estate As A One-Person “Show”…

A Personal Letter From Our Co-Founder

Hi, Peter Giardini here.

Back when I started investing in Baltimore real estate, at age 45, I was excited by the promise of making a lot of money. After buying two deals that badly burned me, however, I was afraid.

I was as afraid…as almost anyone is, first coming into this business, leery of a topsy-turvy market, or dealing with the “baggage” of a deal or deals gone bad. Maybe you’ve been there. Or watched it happen to someone close to you.

The “Guru” Or “No Money Down” Solution
Many national “gurus” and speakers offer what seems like a “magic pill” for these fears.

They sell high-priced courses across the country, and make surprising promises about what a novice, with few contacts, no experience, and little money can earn, if they’ll just buy their “system.”

Now, if you’ve witnessed this (and chances are good, if you’re reading this letter, that you have), you know that your successes to date are not due to the promises that a salesman made to you about his product.

What you achieved came to you because you took responsibility for getting a result. You stuck with it until it worked….despite all the bumps and bruises along the way.

A Shortcut To Avoid The School Of Hard Knocks
Information is great, and I have sold my share of books and courses with the earnest desire to help a fellow investor avoid making mistakes.

But both you and I know how much easier it would have been if there were someone - a person - there to help you. To guide you in designing a compelling life vision about what investing will give to you and your loved ones. And to put together a clear business plan and buying criteria to make that vision a reality. To hand-pick an investor-friendly banker, realtor, contractor, attorney, title company. To answer your questions, to troubleshoot your problems, and to hold you to your visions and your commitments.

Someone you could look at in the eye. Someone who knew the neighborhoods you were looking at, because they lived in the same town. Someone who ‘had a heart’ - and really cared about what results you got from investing.

Coaches Getting Results For One Investor At A Time
At this site, you will find that someone - a ‘coach with a heart’ - that will take you to where you’re trying to go - from struggling for income, to making $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 paydays and perhaps more.

Or, maybe you are ready to be that someone for another investor - that is, to become a coach, using your skills, experience, talents and a passion for helping others - someone who is short on time doubting you can afford the time and expense to start a second business)…but eager to make a difference, as long as you don’t have to just give away what you know.

Investor Business Coaching With The Club Mastermind
That’s why I joined with a fellow, no-nonsense investor, Steve Cook, to found The Club Mastermind in 2007. What started for us as a way to create a unique networking environment for serious investors has turned into something much more...

The Club Is A Place Where You Can Get The Results You Have Always Wanted Out Of Your Real Estate Investing - Whether You Are A Beginning, Intermediate or Master Investor.
I invite you to explore this site to find out more about The Club. To find what you’re looking for, start by deciding whether you’d like to join an existing Club team, or qualify to lead a team in your local area:

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To your success,

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